LEISURE: £500 Donated to Lighthouse After Events Cancelled


Disappointed ticket holders have donated £500 to the Lighthouse in Poole so far, as supporters choose to donate the cost of their tickets rather than accept refunds for cancelled events. 

While staff at the theatre, which operates as a charity, work hard to reschedule many of their shows, a number of ticket holders have agreed to donate the cost of their ticket instead of claiming a refund or credit note. 

Chief Executive Elspeth McBain found some of the staff moved to tears by some of the responses they’d received when contacting customers. She said: “Lighthouse audiences are amazing. We have been genuinely humbled by people’s goodwill as we respond to this unprecedented situation. Most of our income comes from ticket sales and the money our audiences spend when they to Lighthouse. Without shows there are no audiences so as work continues to reschedule lost performances we are truly grateful for their generosity. 

In troubled times it’s a natural response to turn to the creative arts and although we must all lead quite different lives for the time being, I look forward to the time when we can welcome our audiences back to Lighthouse – what a happy day that will be.” 

Ticket Sales Manager, Steve Lambert adds: “Although we often hear how much our audiences enjoy the shows they come to see, it’s very rare to be told how Lighthouse itself means to people and how a part of their lives it is. These are difficult days for all of us, but the good wishes and true kindness of our customers are making a tough time much easier to work through.” 

If you currently hold tickets to a Lighthouse show that has been postponed or cancelled and you haven’t yet heard from staff, please wait for them to contact you, as they will be in touch in due course. 

For further information about the Lighthouse, please visit their website.


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