LOCAL NEWS: PramaLife Suspends Activities Due to Coronavirus


In a statement released today, PramaLife has confirmed their decision to suspend all group events and activities until further notice. 

The charity, which provides care and support to mature members of the community across Dorset, runs 56 regular support groups that act as a vital social experience for many. In their statement released today, PramaLife Director Chris Beale has expressed the difficulty in reaching this decision, and their thanks to the volunteers who stand by them: 

“The people we support and our volunteers fully understand our decision and we are now focusing on how we can help them through this difficult time. We have already helped some people with essential items and we are providing advice about how people can carry on enjoying good health and well-being. 

We cannot thank our volunteers enough, all local people, just the sort of people you need alongside you in these times. We will be in regular contact with the 800 people who would normally attend our support groups; some of whom are vulnerable because of long term health conditions like dementia.” 

They have urged anyone who is aware of a carer or older person in the area who might need support to call them on 01202 207300 or contact them by email at info@pramalife.org.

For more information on PramaLife, visit their website


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