HEALTH: Former patient thanks Jigsaw Unit with new equipment


Dan Hall, a former patient at the Jigsaw Unit at Royal Bournemouth Hospital, has thanked staff for their care and support by raising a whopping £8,765.40. The money has been used to buy a new ECG machine to help diagnose future patients.

After Dan was diagnosed with leukaemia in October 2014, he was placed under the care of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s Jigsaw Unit. Unfortunately, less than a year after Dan received a bone marrow transplant, it failed. Determined to help, his aunt-in-law, Sarah Manning created a GoFundMe page to help pay for a trial of a new drug, Sorafenib. Just four months after he started taking the Sorafenib, at the end of 2017, he had improved enough to stop taking the medication. 

By March 2019, though still under the care of the hospital staff, Dan hadn’t needed any more of the treatment and decided he wanted to repay the kindness shown to him by the staff at the Jigsaw Unit and Ward 11. He contacted Cancer Care Matron Marie, and Ward 11 Sister Faye, to see what they needed most urgently. Everyone agreed that they were in need of a new ECG machine, which is used to monitor patients’ heart rhythms and activity. With this goal in mind, Dan got to work. 

He said: “As a patient still myself, it makes me immensely proud to be able to give something back to those who have tirelessly helped myself and other patients. Thank you to Marie and all the team for their amazing work, and I hope this machine will hugely help them and patients in the future.” 



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