LEISURE: Arts By the Sea launch 10th anniversary photo campaign


The Bournemouth based arts and culture festival is inviting you to share your favourite memories of the event from the last 10 years.

To celebrate 10 years of bringing an inclusive and diverse mix of arts and culture to Bournemouth’s south coast, Arts by the Sea Festival has launched a commemorative photo-based campaign that past revellers can take part in.

Any of the festival goers who attended any of the events over the last 10 years are invited to visit the official Arts by the Sea website where they can upload their favourite moments in photo form.

Arts by the Sea will then publish an anniversary gallery online, during the festival weekend, featuring these images as a thank you to audiences from across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole for the continued support.

Whether photos depict personal viewpoints of the many installations, loved ones getting roped into street theatre performances, or Bournemouth looking at its magical best, the festival welcomes them all.

While the full programme for this year’s event is still under wraps, Arts by the Sea have revealed that ‘Journeys’ will be the theme for 2020.

Arts by the Sea 2019

This aptly titled theme celebrates a decade-long journey of bringing artists and audiences together in

Bournemouth, while ushering in the next chapter for the festival as it activates new projects across the wider conurbation.

What can visitors expect this year? Be prepared to witness and participate in yet another year of intruguing, exciting and unique carnivalesque celebration of art. Over 100 performances, workshops and exhibitions are already in the works for an anticipated crowd of over 100,000 people.

Arts by the Sea 2019

The festival will take place from Friday 25th September to Sunday 27th September 2020 in various indoor and outdoor spaces across Bournemouth’s beautiful locations, most of this being free to attend.

Those wanting to take part in the photo challenge, should visit www.artsbythesea.co.uk/10-years and start uploading now!

Members of the public can also use the hashtag “#10yearsABTS” to share their images on Twitter. Photos can be uploaded at any time and then Arts by the Sea will share as many as possible in their online gallery during the 2020 festival.

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