LOCAL NEWS: Local students to support rural communities in Cambodia


Students from St Edward’s School are raising money towards a trip to Cambodia where they will work on sustainable projects supporting rural communities.

Students from St Edward’s School, Poole, are raising funds for a trip to Cambodia in 2021. The trip promises to be transformative, both for them and the rural communities they will work to support and is organised by Camps International, providers of ethical and sustainable school expeditions.

15 students are set to travel to the country during the summer next year. They will work on a range of community and conservation projects in the rural villages that they will live alongside during their four-week stay.

The project aims to help improve living conditions through building wells which will provide water access to the village and constructing toilets for local families. The students will also be working on food sustainability initiatives such as building chicken houses, water pots and a jungle garden.

The all-inclusive expedition costs £4,380, so the pupils are now working to raise money to support their efforts. The school has introduced a donation box for unwanted clothes in reception, to be sold to Cash4Clothes to contribute to the trip costs. Clothes, shoes, belts, hats, small soft toys, handbags, jackets and coats are all welcomed. The student will also be appealing to local businesses for their support. 

Michael Antram, Headteacher at St Edward’s School, said: “This trip offers an unparalleled opportunity for our students to have an enriching and horizon-expanding cultural experience a world away from their lives here, as well as an important opportunity to make a difference and work to help the Cambodian communities – where many people live below the poverty line.

For more information about St Edward’s School, visit their website.


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