HEALTH: ‘Find your Brave’ urges local childrens charity


This week has been ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ and the organisation Place2Be has been urging children ‘Find their brave’

Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity that works to provide counselling and mental health support. Life can often be challenging and bravery is about finding positive ways to deal with something that might be difficult.

How to ‘find your brave’

Place2Be’s advice is to talk to your child about a time you had to be brave, whether it was something big or something small, adding that it’s important to praise your child when they’re brave and to remind them that bravery comes in different forms. 

They add that there are examples of bravery all around in book and films, by pointing these out and talking to your child you can explain how trying different ways of being brave can help them feel good. Finally, they add that telling your child that not feeling brave is ok too – there are times for all of us when it may be more difficult to be brave.

Dorset Mind Your Head programme

Dorset Mind Your Head is an eight-week programme that’s designed to help people learn to live life mentally healthily, develop resilience and emotional skills and increase self-esteem and confidence. The programme is for ages 11-18 and a booking fee is required, with more information available here.

A full list of children’s mental health services is available on the Family Information Directory website.


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