LOCAL NEWS: New and expecting parents event in Poole Dolphin Centre


Poole’s expectant and new parent event is returning to the Eco Hub in the Dolphin Centre this April.

Preparing to be a parent can be one of the most daunting yet exciting experiences in a persons life. It’s an experience that a large percentage of the population have in common however. England and Wales see over 600,000 babies born a year. This means that around a million people in the UK are a parent to a new child each year. Though of course this does not take into account the people who already have children.

The nine months leading up to having a child can be different for everyone. Some people will choose to have everything organised early. They will get the nursery designed and built and they might buy loads of little outfits for their imminent arrival. Some people may even buy lots of books or read up on becoming a parent in an attempt to get all the information they can. On the other hand, some parents elect for the more relaxed approach and may just choose to go to all their necessary appointments and wait until their baby is born to set things up and learn on the go. 

As the saying goes, ‘there’s no pre-written rule book on how to raise a child’. Of course there are guidelines and even some ways that are frowned upon, but ultimately it is up to the parent to bring up their child how they see fit. 

Preparations for the arrival of your little one can be daunting but here’s a few pointers :
  • Educate yourself about developmental stages
  • Discuss concerns with family and or professionals before they become crises
  • Look into educational options for your child
  • Talk about childcare, if you are a worker what are your plans for looking after your child
  • Reflect on your own childhood
  • Find a good support system, this could be your family and or friends

Another way to equip yourself before parenthood is to attend parenting classes. These kind of events can be helpful for both expecting and new parents to help them learn. 

Samantha Prewett

Photographer Samantha Prewett


Local leading newborn and family photographer Samantha Prewett Photography is set to be hosting another event for these new or expectant parents. This will take place at the Eco Hub on 26 April between 10am and 2pm at the Eco Hub in the Dolphin Centre. The event is completely free and there will even be goody bags available to the first 50 families to attend.

It will once again be sponsored by Puddle Ducks Dorset, one of the UK’s leading baby, toddler, pre-school and children’s swim schools. With this sponsorship there will be talks and demonstration and taster classes provided by local baby and maternity businesses. Additionally, there will be pre and post natal advice available and shopping opportunities. 

Along side its purpose of teaching, the event will be raising money for the local charity SPRING. The Poole Hospital based charity help bereaved parents and families following the loss of their baby, during pregnancy or just after birth.

parent event poole

If you would like to attend the event or learn more about it you can visit the Facebook page here.



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