HEALTH: Blue Light Technology introduced at Poole Hospital


Thanks to the numerous amounts of fundraisers, charity events and donations, the Royal Bournemouth Hospital has been able to introduce a new ‘blue light camera’ to better diagnose mens health concerns. 

The Blue Light Technology should be a massive help to the hospital. Kevin Turner, Consultant Urological Surgeon, said: ‘This blue light technology not only diagnoses and treats more accurately, it also reduces the number of treatments a patient needs as all of the tumour is identified at the start. It has revolutionised the way we care for our patients and we wouldn’t have been able to purchase this without the support of March for Men.’

Traditional methods for diagnosing bladder cancer involve inspecting suspected tumours under white light, however white light cameras do not give the greatest visibility and poor detection can mean a higher chance of recurrence.

With blue light cameras a special solution is placed into the bladder for about an hour before being inspected under both white and blue light. The solution is absorbed by the tumour cells and under blue light it lights up fluorescent red.

The technology is expected to make a huge difference. Many residents have been a part of many fundraisers, runs or walks for charities have made a huge difference. The Male Voice Choir have raised £22,500 in donations and through their two concerts at the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole. This is just one of the many examples of 

By Miles Fraser 



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