TRANSPORT & TRAVEL: Major Bournemouth road closes for three weeks


A major road in Bournemouth town centre is closed for three weeks starting today for repairs.

The Bath Road flyover has been cut off to traffic until 14 February, so that Bournemouth Water can make highway repairs. This closure will mean that there will be no through route from the roundabout near Westover Road straight to Exeter Road. This is likely to cause longer delays for other rotes around the town as traffic is diverted.

This is of course not the first time this road has caused disruption. In October 2019 other repairs had to be made after a water main burst. Whilst this was being fixed the Bournemouth Water engineers discovered weakness in the pipe and revealed that future failure would be likely.

Despite the road being closed, car parks in Bath Road will remain open and emergency services will still be given access.

The map above shows you where the road closure is taking place.


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