HEALTH: Australian bushfires will cause a marked CO2 rise.


As the Australian bushfires continue to rage, it’s claimed CO2 levels are rising significantly because of the disaster. 

As of 21 January 2020, 30 people have been killed and a staggering 800 million animals have perished with many more in life threatening states. 10 million acres of bush and forest across Australia has also been destroyed. A forecast of the Atmospheric Concentration of Carbon-Dioxide shows that 2020 will witness one of the largest annual rises in concentration since measurements began at Mauna Loa, in Hawaii, 1958.

There are many complex factors that contribute to CO2 increases such as emissions from fossil fuel burning, petrol and diesel motor engines, land use changes and even cement production. The annual rises we have been seeing is expected to be notably higher, as much as 10% higher, for 2020 thanks to the emissions from the recent Australian bush-fires. The devastating and ongoing blaze means that new vegetation will grow at a slower rate meaning less oxygen will be released into the atmosphere to counteract it. 

During the year the atmospheric concentration of CO₂ is expected to peak above 417 parts per million in May, while the average for the year is forecast to be 414.2 ± 0.6ppm. This annual average represents a 2.74 ± 0.57 ppm rise on the average for 2019.

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