LOCAL NEWS: New Police ‘Bobby Van’ to the rescue


BH Living visited the launch of Dorset Police’s new Bobby Van Scheme today (23 January 2020). It’s an innovative move to help vulnerable victims of burglary in Dorset, and help prevent future break-ins.

The scheme, developed by Dorset Police in conjunction with the Safer Dorset Foundation, intends to support vulnerable people in Dorset who have been victims of burglaries, and are most at risk of future break-ins by improving the security of their homes. 

Once a burglary is reported, the Dorset Bobby Van is able to visit the affected home soon after the break-in to replace damaged locks on windows or doors and provide door chains or spyholes if needed. The experts can also offer advice on changes the homeowner could make, to improve the security of their home. Perhaps the most welcome aspect of the scheme for those it’s trying to help, is that the service will be provided for free to those most in need.

The service is available now to adults in Dorset who are registered disabled, otherwise classed as vulnerable, or aged over sixty and living in a home that was previously broken into. Prior to its official launch, the Bobby Van has already visited five homes in the last week.

Chief Constable James Vaughan oversaw the launch and was enthusiastic about the benefits the van will have for the community: “We know how badly affected anyone can be by a break-in, and repeat burglaries can ruin lives. The aim of the scheme is, first and foremost, to provide information and advice to those who have been victims of burglary, and to help prevent those crimes being repeated.”

Martyn Underhill, the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner echoed Mr Vaughan’s sentiments, adding “Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home and we take it very seriously.”

The Dorset Bobby Van scheme is part of the Safer Dorset Foundation, and the hope is that the scheme will eventually be self-supported by the charity, which is currently looking for sponsors, volunteers and those who are interested in becoming trustees.

If you have experienced a burglary that has already been reported to the police, call the Dorset Bobby Van team on 01202 222768 for a referral. If you’d like more information on what you can do to prevent a burglary at your home, visit their website

By Vikki Cook


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