TRANSPORT: DeLorean blasts into the future!


As a record producer he made some of the biggest hits of the 1970s, now lifelong petrol head Phil Wainman has gone back to the future to regenerate a classic DeLorean sports car – as an all-electric vehicle!

The car in question is the iconic DMC Delorean PRV V6. Originally released in the American market in 1981, the DMC Delorean became widely known for its disappointing lack of power and performance in comparison to its high price tag and stylish exterior. It became iconic after it was used as the time machine in the 1985 classic Back to the Future. The film features the Delorean as a garage built time machine that blasts its protagonist back in time. The film was a financial and critical success on release and has since gained a large cult following.

Wainam declares that “The original DeloreAn look great but was heavy, under powered and not a lot of fun to drive”. Within his own garage he has redeveloped this car as an updated electric car – a car that is supposedly more powered than its original incarnation, blasting into the future as an electric car. Now able to quickly get to a speed off 88mph, the car is accompanied by a “Great Scott” sound when that speed is reached. This is a catchphrase used by Christopher Lloyd’s character Doc in the Back to Future film series. 

Inside of the redesign.

Wainman was an early adopter of electric vehicles and joined the Electric Car Association in the 1980s. With the UK pledging to be carbon neutral by 2050, Wainman believes that the only way to keep these classics on the road is for them to be re imagined as electric driven vehicles. I wonder what other classics could be reinvented and will we ever see this bad boy on the road. 


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