WHAT’S ON: Ugg “n” Ogg And the World’s first Dogg


The truly mind-boggling story of how a long, long time ago two hunter-gatherers palled up with their enemies the wolves and invented man’s best friend.

Ugg “n” Ogg and the World’s first Dogg is playing on Tuesday 14 April at Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts. 

Audience are invited to join in with the two young heroes Ugg and Ogg and their lupine pals Tooth and Nail on a fun-packed adventure that features flying meat bones, beat-boxing wolves, forest infernos and even a time-travelling stick before finally getting a chance to pat the world’s first Dogg. 

It’s a great opportunity for families and dog lovers of all ages, everyone is welcome to stay on after the show to meet Ugg and Ogg and for the children to play with the puppets.

For tickets and information click here or contact via 01202 280000


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