HEALTH: Boost your mood with good food event this Friday


Award winning celebrity nutritionist and author, Barbara Cox will be joining up with The Green House Hotel for the upcoming “Good Mood Food” event. 

The event will be taking place this Friday 17th January. The evening will be about learning the idea of an anti-inflammatory diet, while helping to boost the guest’s physical and mental health. 

Event will start of with Barbara talking through her 10 steps to achieving a positive mental and physical well-being for 2020. The guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious five course tasting menu compiled by Barbara and Head Chef at the hotel’s restaurant, The Arbor, Andy Hilton.

In each course, there will be a key mood boosting ingredient, from fresh ginger to shiitake mushrooms. Barbara commented: “Shiitake mushrooms are truly nutritious and delicious. Packed with flavour and nutrients such as vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin to help naturally lift your mood!”

Barbara and the Head Chef at The Green House Hotel restaurant

Barbara and the Head Chef at The Green House Hotel restaurant

Olivia O’Sullivan, General Manager at The Green House Hotel, stated: “We’ve always been passionate about the health of the environment here, so naturally it follows that we care about the health of our guests too”

“Barbara will also be working with us in the new year and creating some delicious breakfast options for our morning buffet including; delicious overnight oats and energising shots of ginger. Plans for exciting workshops around this theme are also in the mix so watch out for our updates on social and our website. Working with Barbara means that we can now take care of our guests’ health holistically and in line with our eco-friendly ethos.”

To book your tickets for the “Good Mood Food” event in The Arbor Restaurant at The Green House Hotel call 01202 498900.




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