WHAT’S ON: Less clutter is proven to reduce stress levels


A recent survey taken by 4,000 members of the public showed that 80% of people in the UK admit their mood is influenced by the state of their house with a less cluttered living space making people happier.

Tracey Beesley is a Dorset based Professional De-clutterer and Organiser and works with clients in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and further afield and will be hosting an inspiring talk full of useful ideas and tips.

Currently households in the the UK store approximately 5 times more clutter than our European neighbours. The clutter uses 37.6 million square feet of storage space, which is the equivalent of a staggering 268,500 removal vans.

Westbourne Library will lay host to the decluttering talk by Tracey Beesley on Saturday 18 January between 11am-12 noon. If you know somebody that could do with some extra space, used up by old belongings they refuse to drop, then this talk might be for you.




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