LOCAL NEWS: Are local businesses under threat of Iranian cyber attack?


A cyber expert is warning local businesses to be on guard following Iran’s threat to take revenge for the assassination of General Qassim Soleimani.

The high profile Iranian general was taken out in a drone attack by the US – and businesses across the West could now be targeted in the anticipated reprisals, including the United Kingdom.

Matt Horan, security director at C3IA Solutions, a provider of secure ICT, technical programme management, predicts that Iran will launch cyber attacks to target small and large businesses across the UK.

The attacks could take many forms and the thinking is that hitting supply chains will harm a country’s economy.

Matt said: “With the UK being a close ally of the US and having partnered with them on operations in the Middle East it places us in their sights.

“Iran’s priority through cyber-attacks will be to harm our Critical National Infrastructure.

“We should not forget that some of the most successful state sponsored cyber-attacks have affected all manner of companies, of any size.

“All businesses can implement simple and basic steps that can mitigate against 80 per cent of common cyber-attacks.

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