LEISURE: New challenge launched to get children involved with reading


Booktrack is a new challenge launched by BCP Council set for children, to read 100 books while collecting badges along the way.

The challenge has no time limit, along with no set book limit, just read what you like, discover new authors and have enjoy yourself.

Children who say they have a book of their own are three times more likely to read above the level expected for their age than their peers who don’t own a book.

How BookTrack 100 works
  •   Take 5 books home and read them
  •   Any books you like, stories, poems or facts
  •   Colour in your Power Tracker
  •   Bring your books back to the library
  •   Tell staff about them
  •   Collect stickers and badges

Children who read for pleasure are happier, healthier and are more likely to do better in life than those who don’t.

In addition to an amazing badge, the children are also rewarded with a certificate.

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