WHAT’S ON: Council seeks public views on the future of Wessex Fields Development Site


BCP Council are now seeking public opinion on the Wessex Fields Development site and the future proposals.

On the 30 September a decision was made by BCP Council’s Cabinet, to build part of the road from the A338 up to the Wessex Fields development site boundary line. Councillors have made it clear that they wish to work with the local community on any future plans for the site.

Benefits of the scheme

  • To create 2,000 new jobs at Wessex Fields business park.
  • Create a second access road to the royal Bournemouth Hospital site.
  • Enhanced facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users leading to more sustainable journeys in the area.

Key issues raised by residents

  • Assessment on the proposed schemes show that there will be negligible impact on the air quality.
  • Street lighting will be in the development site only and not on the new junction.
  • Loss of veteran trees because of the scheme.

The Wessex Fields Link Road Scheme forms part of the A338 Bournemouth International Growth (BIG) Programme package of schemes. The BIG Programme is a £45 million plan to improve connectivity, ease congestion, protect existing jobs and create new ones in and around Bournemouth Airport and Wessex Fields.

Some residents in the area surrounding Wessex Fields are upset about the councils change in plans, as they believe only building to the boundary line could have the opposite planned effect and lead to more congestion in the area surrounding the hospital. The environment group Friends of Riverside strongly object to Bournemouth Borough Council’s proposals to build a flyover, along with access roads at the A338 and Wessex fields, part of which would be within the Green Belt and Flood Plain at Riverside Avenue and Holdenhurst.They believe that the proposed road developments would be a serious detriment to the residents at Holdenhurst Village at Townsend, the Retired Nurses Home, and in surrounding areas. It’s also worried locals about the resulting loss in farm land and wildlife.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

In a bid to ensure that all ideas for the site are considered the planned engagement day on the 19th of November has been delayed until the 7th January, at The Bridge, Littledown. The meeting, that will last approximately an hour and a half, will give the public the opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the development site. The attending members are asked to bring any ideas that would be financially viable and environmentally appropriate.

To find out more about the Wessex Field development click here


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