LOCAL NEWS: Plans set for Poole Lantern Parade to bounce back next year


The annual Lantern Parade planned for earlier this month was forced to cancel due to issues with the weather.

The Lantern Parade is an annual event that’s been running for well over 10 years. This is only the second time the event has had to cancel due to bad weather.

The decision was taken due to the forecasted winds on the 12 December, when the event was scheduled. The issue of rainfall can be worked through, but the strong winds was too much of a safety risk for the organisers.

Due to the timing of the schools breaking up it isn’t feasible to rearrange it for this year.

The Lantern Parade was hoping to get the locals of Poole into the festive season by lighting up the town with the handcrafted Lanterns.

Local schools, scouts’ groups and more were planning to take part, with workshops being available for the public to get involved in making their own lantern.

Not all hope is lost for the locals of Poole as they plan to continue the annual event next year, while hopefully avoiding any issues with the weather.

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