LOCAL NEWS: Christchurch has its say on their favourite thing about Christmas!


Christmas is right around the corner, so we took to the streets of Christchurch to find out what people’s favourite things are about the festive season.

Christmas has been at the back of many people’s minds until very recently this year, with much of the UK population still reflecting on last week’s general election result.

However, despite many being left undecided about the election result, Christchurch locals still had time to share with BH Living their favourite things about this time of year.

“I love the decorations around the city and houses, I’m renting a room but my landlords have decorations around the house. I think my favourite part of the Christmas meal is the homemade Yorkshire puddings. – Peter 

“I just love the idea of getting the family together, sitting round the fire place, watching the kids open presents”. – Karen, 49 . 

“For the last three years I didn’t enjoy Christmas and this is the first year I’m getting really into it. My 

Maureen is already in the Christmas spirit!

favourite thing is being with the family – we have Christmas dinner together and my favourite part is the Christmas pudding!” – Maureen

“Christmas isn’t for me, I just don’t see the appeal of spending hundreds on gifts that’ll be forgotten in a week.” – Kelsey, 24.  

“Christmas is brilliant for myself and my wife, it’s a chance for us to put our feet up! It’s obviously stressful finding presents for the kids and worrying about making Christmas dinner but it’s magical when the big day arrives!” – Jacob




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