TRANSPORT & TRAVEL: Beryl Bikes information now available across local bus websites


Today (16 December 2019) sees the simultaneous launch of Beryl bikes and bay locations in the websites of all local bus companies.

The information is now available on the websites for Morebus, Unibus and Yellow Buses, with the locations also made available on the Yellow Buses smartphone app.

The project, endorsed by BCP Councillors Andy Hadley (Transport portfolio holder) and Dr Felicity Rice (Environment portfolio holder), is an important step in making it easier for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole residents to easily understand the travel options available to them that don’t require a car.

Councillor Hadley comments: “As a major urban area we know we have huge congestion challenges, and limited space to build new capacity.

“We want to make alternative travel options more integrated and in doing so, set an example of what collaboration can achieve.

“If we are to address our climate emergency we must work together to make it easy to leave the car at home, especially for shorter journeys.”

Several organisations have joined this project to work together towards a more sustainable transport network in the South East Dorset city region; BCP Council, Passenger, Beryl, Morebus (part of the Go-Ahead Group) and Yellow Buses.

image of yellow bus and more bus sites showing beryl bikes information

Beryl Bikes and bays are shown in the Yellow Buses app (left) and Morebus website (right), alongside bus stops.

When people travel more actively – using the bus, a bike, or simply walking – there is a positive impact on their health and wellbeing and with increasing awareness of climate change more people are wanting to reduce their impact on the environment too.

Travelling by car is responsible for 60% of all transport-related emissions, so alternatives to the car can have a huge impact on the quality of the air we breathe and free up space for those who really need to drive.

Sustainable travel

Andrew Wickham, Managing Director at Go South Coast, who operate both Morebus and Unibus, added: “By working together with the other public transport operators, including Beryl, we can encourage more residents out of their cars.”

Westbourne based Passenger, whose product Passenger Cloud powers Yellow Buses website and app as well as the Morebus and Unibus websites, was recently rated one of the best public transport apps in the UK.

Beryl, who launched in Bournemouth and Poole in June of 2019, have made the availability of their Beryl Bikes accessible through a secure API, enabling organisations like Passenger to share live locations of the available Beryl bikes and bays.

Philip Ellis, Beryl Co-Founder and CEO, commented: “By joining up travel options we’re making sustainable travel an easier choice.

“Working with the local bus companies means that travelling by bike and bus, as part of the same journey, will become a realistic travel option for even more people.”

Passenger CEO, Tom Quay added: “The project has given the partners a great opportunity to work closely together.

“With everyone at the same table we’ve been able to deliver a project quickly that has a positive impact on lots of people locally.”

You can visit the Morebus, Unibus and Yellow Buses websites, or download the Yellow Buses app from the app stores to see the Beryl bikes and bays alongside information about the buses.


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