LOCAL NEWS: Conservatives hold all seats in BCP constituencies


Exit polls predicted a Conservative majority, and as results came in through the night it became clear that the forecast was right.

The top names in Conservative and Labour, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and other cabinet and shadow cabinet members held their seats, however Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson lost out to SNP candidate Amy Callaghan.

But how do the local numbers add up?

Bournemouth East 

  Votes Vote Share
Tobias Ellwood (Conservative) 24,926 50.6% (-1.3)
Corrie Drew (Labour) 16,120 32.7% (-2.8)
Philip Dunn (Liberal Democrat) 5,418 11.0% (+4.5)
Alasdair Keddie (Green) 2,049 4.2% (+1.6)
Ben Aston (Independent) 447  
Emma Johnson (Independent) 314  

Majority: 8,806

Turnout: 66.5%

Bournemouth West

  Votes Vote Share
Conor Burns (Conservative) 24,550 53.4% (-0.1)
David Stokes (Labour) 14,400 31.3% (-4.9)
Jon Nicholas (Liberal Democrat) 4,931 10.7% (+4.1)
Simon Bull (Green) 2,096 4.6% (+1.8)

Majority: 10,150

Turnout: 62.0%


  Votes Vote Share
Christopher Chope (Conservative) 33,894 65.2% (-4.3)
Mike Cox (Liberal Democrat) 9,277 17.9% (+9.9)
Andrew Dunne (Labour) 6,568 12.6% (-7.2)
Chris Rigby (Green) 2,212 4.3% (+1.6)

Majority: 24,617

Turnout: 72.6%

In 2017 Labour came second to the Conservatives, but this time they were knocked down by the large gain for Liberal Democrats.

Mid Dorset and North Poole

  Votes Vote Share
Michael Tomlinson (Conservative) 29,548 60.4% (+1.1)
Vikki Slade (Liberal Democrat) 14,650 29.9% (+2.5)
Joanne Oldale (Labour) 3,402 7.0% (-6.4)
Natalie Carswell (Green) 1,330 2.7% (+2.7)

Majority: 14,898

Turnout: 74.8%

There was no Green candidate here in 2017 as they stepped down to boost the vote for Liberal Democrat.


  Votes Vote Share
Robert Syms (Conservative) 29,599 58.7% (+0.7)
Sue Aitkenhead (Labour Co-op) 10,483 20.8% (-8.7)
Victoria Collins (Liberal Democrat) 7,819 15.5% (+6.6)
Barry Harding-Rathbone (Green) 1,702 3.4% (+0.8)
David Young (Independent) 848 1.7% (+0.6)

Majority: 19,116

Turnout: 68.2%


Across the UK the trend seemed to be that the Liberal Democrats were losing votes, however in all BCP constituencies they gained votes since 2017, especially in Christchurch.

Labour, however, lost votes in all five constituencies.

Speaking from the point of view of local businesses, Dorset Chamber chief executive Ian Girling said: “None of our politicians have exactly covered themselves in glory over the past three years.

“The new Government has a lot to prove. It must swiftly restore confidence and get to work on firing up the economy.

“Firms in Dorset will want to see business-friendly policies which allow them to invest, create jobs and grow.

“As a Chamber we are immediately launching a countrywide campaign called #GetBusinessDone to focus on positivity surrounding Brexit and encourage all firms to get involved.

“Our congratulations to the MPs elected in Dorset as well as the new government. They now have an important job to do and there is no time to waste.”

Dorset Chamber are running a dedicated support page for businesses who have questions about Brexit. Visit their site here.

Conservatives now hold a majority Government with a 43.6% share of the vote (365 seats), whilst Labour has 203 seats.

Jeremy Corbyn announced plans step down as leader of the Labour Party, and Boris Johnson reiterated his promise to “get Brexit done”. Following Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson losing her seat in East Dumbartonshire an announcement is expected soon regarding her future.


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