LOCAL NEWS: Taking unattended money from an ATM is classed as ‘theft’


If you’ve ever been using an ATM or self-checkout and see someone has left their money in the machine, you might think it’s your lucky day.

However if you were to take that money, you’d technically be breaking the law and could even be charged with theft.

In fact, a 22-year old man from Poole is due to appear in court on Friday for just this reason, after coming forward about taking money left behind at an ASDA self-service till.

A man in his 50s was reportedly using the till, when he left his cash and receipt behind somewhere between 1.30pm and 1.50pm on Saturday 10 August.

After returning to the supermarket, which is off St Pauls Road, he found both were gone.

Following a CCTV appeal, the man who took the money did then come forward and was interviewed by police officers.

He is due to appear at Poole Magistrates’ court for an offence of theft.


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