HEALTH: The Hampton Trust raises awareness of domestic abuse


As part of White Ribbon Day (25 November) and the 16 days of action that follow, The Hampton Trust has been travelling far and wide putting on events to raise awareness of violence and abuse against women.

The charity, based in Hampshire but branching out across the South, have been travelling as far South as Cyprus and to the most Northern parts of Scotland asking authorities and members of the public to pledge to stand against domestic abuse.

White Ribbon Day takes place in late November, where the wearing of the white ribbon stands for never taking part in, condoning or staying silent about violence against women, and is followed by 16 days of action, which ends this week.

But The Hampton Trust has been running events throughout the whole of November, including a Ladies Self Defence Class, an ADAPT (Accredited Domestic Abuse Prevention Training) practitioner training day, and attending meetings and conferences to discuss the issues.

The Bishop of Winchester signing the Pledge Poster

One of the key activities the trust has accomplished is the signing of the White Ribbon Day Pledge Poster, obtaining hundreds of signatures including The Bishop of Winchester, the players of Aldershot FC and doctors and nurses from Basingstoke hospital.

The pledge represents the vital steps forward and making those all-important first steps in encouraging people to recognise abuse and to stand against it.

Chantal Hughes, CEO of The Hampton Trust, commented: “It was so important to us that we spread the word, not only about the work The Hampton Trust does, but also to increase awareness of the far-reaching consequences of domestic abuse with adults, survivors and children.

“We firmly support working with the root cause of domestic abuse by holding the perpetrators accountable for their actions.”

White Ribbon Day is an annual event in The Hampton Trust’s calendar and highlights the importance of raising awareness of domestic abuse on both a local and global level.

For more information about the charity and to donate or volunteer, visit their website here.


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