LOCAL NEWS: Dorset Community Foundation launch Surviving Winter Appeal


Dorset Community Foundation, the charity behind the lifesaving Surviving Winter Appeal, is calling on more donations from local generous residents.

This is after news released from the Office of National Statistics revealed that winter mortality in Dorset has gone up by a shocking 40%.

The appeal is asking people to donate their unwanted winter fuel payments to instead help the elder residents of Dorset. 

During the winter of 2018, the latest statistics showed that there were 730 excess winter deaths in the county. This is an increase of 210 from the average 520 people dying in Dorset during the winter months.

Grant Robson, Director at the Foundation remarked: “Older people dying, here in Dorset, a county considered relatively wealthy, because they cannot afford to heat their homes.”

This will be the eighth year the charity have campaigned for the cause, adding: “We have been campaigning to raise awareness and donations of this issue since 2011 and our efforts have raised just over £250,000 in the last 8 years helping over 1,300 older people. 

“However, despite the overwhelming generosity of donors we need more support to help vulnerable older people – now, probably more than ever.”

Donations raised are directly dispersed through the Citizens Advice Bureaus across Dorset and the Appeal has already helped over 100 people this winter. 

To donate online, go to www.dorsetcommunityfoundation.org


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