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Dear Reader,

We’re all exasperated with the way politicians have handled the referendum result, even though most of them promised to honour it at the last election.

Even Boris’ deal (still 95% Theresa’s “turd”) is appalling. It would subject us, by inescapable treaty, to Associate Membership of the EU forever, with all disputes to be settled by the ECJ. By no stretch of the imagination is it a “Leave” Brexit.

But what’s at stake in this election is not just Brexit; it’s democracy itself. I was the Brexit Party candidate for Poole, one of the 317 stood down in Tory seats. My supporters, including many Remainers who expected the referendum to be honoured, urged me to continue as an Independent.

So here’s what I’m standing for:

DECENT VALUES: Telling the truth, Pursuing the Common Good, Faith in the people of Great Britain

RADICAL REFORM: Changing politics for the good of all

PRAGMATIC POLICIES: No ideological nonsense; doing what’s sensible to survive & thrive as a nation & a town,including:

A. Locally

  1. Protecting Poole:
  • Defend services, including Poole A&E
  • Tackle the rising tide of anti-social behaviour
  • Review bus routes closures affecting less mobile residents
  • Consider public ownership of Sandbanks ferry
  • Get Poole Park trains back on track
  1. Promoting Poole:
  • Vigorous pursuit of Free Port status for Poole
  • Coordinate marketing as a holiday destination
  • Promote to businesses & potential residents as a vibrant Channel port
  1. Nationally
  2. A “Leave” Brexit
  3. Political reform
  4. Regional regeneration
  5. Pragmatic support for the NHS front-line
  6. Serious Apprenticeship system
  7. Challenge 5G (health risk) & compulsory Relationship & Sex Education from primary school age
  8. Save >£250Bn by dropping Boris’ deal, scrapping HS2 & focussing Foreign Aid better

Poole, 57% Leave and a Tory stronghold, will never fall to the Lib Dems or Labour.



** candidates were asked to write 250 words to fit our 300-word space limit. This letter had to be cut down. **


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