LOCAL NEWS: Dorset Mind are doing their bit to beat the January blues


The mental health charity will be running their annual RED January campaign to keep Dorset smiling into the new year.

The campaign aims to keep the community active every day throughout January by helping people set their own challenges and giving support every step of the way.

The first month of the year is renowned for being a particularly hard period. Short, dark days can affect those living with Seasonal Affective Disorder and people are usually broke after splashing out over Christmas.

Last year, 75% of everyone who took part in RED January said that their wellbeing had improved and 88% would recommend taking part to someone they know. 

RED January has a great sense of team spirit behind it which helps to counteract loneliness and isolation, whilst giving people a much-needed boost when getting outdoors and getting active which can be even more challenging in the colder months.

Marianne Storey, CEO of Dorset Mind, said; “It’s a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community and support each other in being more mentally healthy.

“There’s a palpable sense of camaraderie to taking part and a huge sense of achievement at the end when you can see the results both physically and mentally.”

One of the many people RED January has helped is Operational Efficiency Manager and mental health blogger, Andy, 32.    

Last year, when stress and anxiety turned into seizures and panic attacks, Andy was admitted to hospital on several occasions. He had previously self-admitted himself to a mental health facility after reaching crisis point.   

Andy took part in Red January for Dorset Mind at the beginning of 2019, sharing that, “everyone has their own personal battles, we are all different – but trust me from experience, that exercise really does make all the difference and you will meet some incredible and inspiring people on your journey in the Dorset Mind Team.”

“This time last year I was in a very different place to I where I am today.” He said, ” Today I’m feeling fit, healthy, have a good job, amazing family and friends and am so optimistic for the future. Next year I am hoping to run both a marathon and compete in an Olympic distance triathlon.”  

To take part in RED January and support Dorset Mind, click here.


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