TRANSPORT & TRAVEL: Breathalysers must be installed in new cars by 2022


The European council have ruled that breathalysers must be fitted in all cars by 2022.

The law was approved in March but was officially rubber stamped earlier this month. The groundbreaking technology could save lives by stopping drink-drivers from even turning their engines on.

It is unclear as to whether this law will be enforced in the UK, but the Government have previously said that they plan to use EU road safety laws post-Brexit.

In 2018, Dorset was named as having one of the highest rates of drink driver arrests in the UK with 849 arrests in 12 months.

It was reported that 16 people lost their lives in Bournemouth in the first six months of this year – the same number who died during the whole of 2018. 

Cars manufactured before 2022 will be expected to adhere to the new rule by 2024. 

In the move that will revolutionise road safety, the ruling also stated that speed limiters will be mandatory by 2022. The technology is called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). 

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the body which supports the introduction of ISAs, says the limiters would reduce collisions by 30%, and save around 25,000 lives within 15 years.


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