LEISURE: Comedian Ed Byrne to bring laughs to Bournemouth


TV favourite Ed Byrne will visit Bournemouth next year as part of his biggest tour to date.

The star, best known for his appearances on Mock the Week, will focus his tour on the responsibility he feels for his two young sons. His ‘If I’m honest..’ tour is coming to Bournemouth Pavilions on February 27th next year. 

Speaking to BH Living, he said: “The thing of your children being a reflection of you, gives you an opportunity to build something out of the best of yourself only for you to then see flashes of the worst of yourself in them. It’s a wake-up call about your own behaviour.’

Ed, who rose to fame in the mid-1990’s, admits that if the times have changed, he’s changed with them. A new topic that he regularly engages with is gender politics. He said: “I’ll admit that there are things where men get a raw deal.

“‘We have higher suicide rates, and we tend not to do well in divorces, but representation in action movies is not something we have an issue with.

“The problem with men’s rights activists is that it’s not about speaking up for men’s rights, it’s about hating women.

“If you’re a men’s rights activist, you’re not going to care about the fact that there’s an all-female Ghostbusters remake. That’s nothing to do with men’s rights or female entitlement. That’s everything to do with being, well, a whiny baby.”

He insists that, while the show might have mordant and occasionally morbid aspects, it’s also not without its quietly triumphant moments.

“‘I thought I was being quite upbeat talking about the small victories,’ he says. ‘Finding positivity in being able to spot when a cramp was about to happen and dealing with it before it does. I was very happy with myself about that.’ 

The 11-month-long tour will visit over 100 locations before coming to an end in Middlesbrough next July.

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