LOCAL NEWS: Mum from Poole on cloud 9 after charity leap of faith


A mum of two from Poole leapt out of a small plane from more than two miles in the air for charity – despite suffering from vertigo.

Sian Roff began suffering from vertigo after she had her children, but she didn’t let that stop her from freefalling for 40 seconds out of a plane before her parachute opened and descended to the ground.

She was strapped to a Red Devil, one of the Paras’ freefall display team, who ensured a safe landing. Sian’s Dad, Matt Horan, is a former Para and attended on the day to watch her from the ground.

By overcoming her fear of heights, Sian and her group of jumpers who are all linked to the military helped raise more than £2,500 for the SBS Association, a charity that assists veterans from the special forces’ unit.

Sian, who works as a security controller for leading cyber security company C3IA Solutions, based in Poole, said: “The plane took about two minutes to get to 12,000ft and we were above the cloud. We fell for about 40 seconds then went through the cloud and came out of it and the parachute opened.

“Oddly I didn’t suffer from vertigo, probably because I couldn’t see the ground when we jumped. The instructor had 6,000 jumps and I felt completely safe.

“It was brilliant and I enjoyed it so much I want to go and do it again.”


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