TRANSPORT & TRAVEL: Fears Dorset motorists are driving vehicles that aren’t safe


Star Tech, an independent servicing centre in Poole, is warning motorists in Dorset about the risk of driving cars that need repairs.

Recent industry research found that 19% of vehicles on the South West roads are in need of some sort of repair. These include faulty brakes, suspension, steering and damaged windscreens, all things that are vital components of a safe and secure car.  

The research also revealed that motorists continue to drive their vehicles even though they’re aware of the issues they have. Research showed that 40% of motorists avoiding repairs are between the ages of 25-34 compared with 7% who are over 50.

Matt Peacock, Managing Director of Star Tech wishes to highlight the danger of avoiding repairs and said: “Dangerous faults like inadequate brakes, faulty steering and cracked windscreens not only risk your safety but the safety of other drivers in Dorset.”

Matt expressed how he believes the reason for people avoiding fixing their repairs is because “the rising costs of living are forcing drivers to make difficult decisions on what they should prioritise their spending on.”

In response to the findings, Star Tech decided to find a way to help their customers budget for major repair work. The servicing centre has now adopted the Car Repair Plan from Trust My Garage, which enables car owners to save money on a regular basis to ensure that there are enough funds to pay for any work needed on a car.

Matt Peacock said: “We have adopted a new Car Repair Plan to help customers budget for much-needed repairs. We hope this investment will reduce the number of dangerous cars on Dorset roads.”

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