LOCAL NEWS: Stolen ‘Silent Soldier’ returned after being dumped in Poole


News Update: The ‘silent soldier’ that was stolen from outside a funeral business in Poole has been returned after being found dumped.

The ‘Tommy’ had been outside the Ives and Shand funeral business in Poole, Dorset when it was taken at 3.48am on Friday 1st November.

Luckily, a resident nearby, who serves in the military, found the 5ft tall silhouette and took it home for safekeeping.

He wrote to Ives & Shand: “I’m happy to say that I found the silent soldier laying facedown on the pavement down my road. I then placed it down next to my house for safe keeping.

“I was unsure where it had been taken from. My wife called me when she saw it on the local news. I’m glad it’s been collected and returned to its rightful owner.”

CCTV of man stealing silent soldierCCTV footage from the business showed the thief walking off with the soldier over his shoulder. He then walked into Ashley Road where he got on his bicycle and pedalled off.

Marcella McDonagh, funeral director at the branch, said: “People were wonderful and shared details of the theft everywhere and we had a huge response.

“Luckily someone had rescued our Tommy and we are delighted to have him back. We’ll be keeping him indoors from now on.

“And we would like to thank the person who rescued our Tommy.”


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