Doubts circulate about whether Sir Christoper Chope will be standing at next election


Recent reports in the local press that Sir Christopher Chope has himself confirmed he would be standing in the forthcoming general election on 12 December have been called into question.

BH Living has been contacted to say that members of the Christchurch and East Dorset Conservatives have yet to formally adopt Sir Christopher as their candidate and have in fact been invited to a ‘re-adoption’ meeting taking place this weekend in a move. This means Sir Christopher is yet to be accepted as the official candidate despite his recent public announcements.

Sir Christopher Chope

Sir Christopher has been the Member of Parliament for Christchurch and East Dorset since being elected in the 1997 election and been a member of parliament for the area ever since, with one of the largest majorities in the country.  

Despite this, he has recently courted controversy by stopping two high profile pieces of legislation through their parliamentary passage, including the famous ‘upskirting’ laws which made national headlines earlier this year.

BH Living understands that emails have now gone out to party members in the constituency inviting them to a hastily prepared meeting this weekend (9 November 2019). It’s understood that this is not a deselection process, however an unnamed source did say to us that should Sir Christopher not be re-adopted then the local Conservative Association would have to move swiftly in order to select an alternative candidate for the forthcoming election. 

**UPDATE** At a meeting of the Christchurch and East Dorset Conservative Association on Saturday 9 November, Sir Christopher Chope was duly re-adopted as the Conservative Party candidate for Christchurch and East Dorset. The meeting was attended by around 200 grass roots Conservatives who voted behind closed doors to back Sir Christopher as he defends his seat in the forthcoming election.

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