LOCAL NEWS: Council encourage home composting this winter


BCP Council team up with Getcomposting.com to inspire residents to start composting.

The council have been working with the organisation to offer home compost bins at special offer prices. There are also buy one get one half price discounts.

With summer at its end and winter quickly approaching it is time to get rid of extra garden waste. Garden debris has the potential to give you a free supply of top-quality compost to get your garden blooming next year. It is as simple as throwing it in a compost bin over winter and allowing it to rot down.

At the end of the winter season there will be environmentally friendly compost ready to be used against weeds. Composting has several benefits including helping to retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests. It also reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.

The team up follows BCP Council’s decision to declare a climate emergency during July. Councillors have committed to making the Council itself carbon neutral by 2030, and the BCP Council area before 2050.

Find out where to get your own composting bin here.


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