HEALTH: Christchurch Recreational Ground new outdoor gym


Barrack Road Recreation Ground in Christchurch have added a new fitness area.

The new addition to the park includes pull up bars, an agility trail, a trinity cycle and many other exercise facilities. The features are accessible for young people and adults over 140cm in height. Of course, there still remains the play areas for children, so the park is friendly to all ages.

Since 2007, outdoor gyms have been increasingly common in the UK. They have been placed in public parks and school grounds. Setting up gym equipment in green spaces provides people of all ages with opportunities
to take part in physical activity in attractive environment.

Exercise is often associated with positive outcomes for physical and mental health. Many people around the world choose to sign up for gyms or join sports teams. The benefit of an outdoor gym is that it is completely free and could just be a pit stop during your dog walk.  

Given the overwhelming evidence of how regular physical activity can improve your health, it is surprising how many people neglect it. According to the NHS, exercise can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50 percent. 

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