LEISURE: Engineering event to bring in new generation talent


Curtiss-Wright return for a second year hosting the Careers in Engineering event in Bournemouth.

The event is taking place at Curtis-Wright, Bournemouth International Airport, on the 7 November at 6pm. It is open to students currently in years 10-13 along with their parents. It allows for the opportunity to talk to some of the best Engineering organisations from Dorset, as well as a few outside guests. The event is completely free but you do need to get a ticket.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has the most renowned legacy in the aerospace industry after being formed in 1929. It builds off the heritage of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers. Some of the other guests you can hear from include BAE Systems, GAMA Aviation and Ultra Electronics Energy.

A report by the ECITB revealed that by 2026, more than 91,000 engineers, or nearly 20% of the workforce, will have retired or be close to retiring. Engineering companies all over the UK are looking for new generation talent by offering training and apprenticeships to interested students. 

According to Engineering UK 2018 25.4% of girls 16-18 would consider a career in engineering compared to 51.9% of boys. Despite these figures seeming low, there is much improvement from previous years and it is likely that they will increase.

You can get your tickets for the event here.


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