LOCAL NEWS: Are you ready for Brexit?


According to PM Boris Johnson, the UK will leave the EU with or without a deal on 31st October 2019. There are several actions that you may not have thought to take should the UK leave the European Union on the 31st October. 

Nobody knows at this stage what sort of departure the UK will have with the EU at this stage but leaving the EU, even with a deal will certainly mean changes to the way we’ve been used to doing things so there are some things that individuals and businesses may need to consider now.

Some of the things to consider may be:

  • To ensure you have a motor insurance green card if you are wanting to drive a vehicles in the EU. Check with your insurer.
  • Check with your mobile phone company if there will be any changes to roaming charges in EU countries when we leave if you planning to travel soon or just after October 31st.
  • Get travel insurance which covers healthcare when travelling to EU countries as the ‘healthcard’ may not be valid after we depart the EU.
  • Get a health certificate for your pet if you are planning to take your pet to the EU as UK pet passports will not be valid

If you are a business that trades goods or services within the EU then here are some actions you may need to take:

The government have created a tool where you can check if you or your business need to take any action before the UK leaves on the 31st October. You are taken through a series of questions about you and/or your business and it leaves you with several actions that you may need to take to get ready for Brexit. It only takes a couple of minutes. You can find the tool here.


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