LOCAL NEWS: Breastfeeding room created at The Dolphin Shopping Centre


A private breastfeeding room has been created at The Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole for mothers to use when breastfeeding their babies.

The breastfeeding room is situated in the Eco Hub of the shopping centre and is a welcoming and safe area that mothers who prefer to feed their children in private can use for breastfeeding.

Mothers are free to breastfeed anywhere in the shopping centre but the breastfeeding room provides privacy and dedicated seating for those who want it, with the space being fitted out with rocking chairs and blankets to ensure it is comfortable.

Deb Woodward of Families and Babies, helped design the breastfeeding room, she said: “It’s great to see the Dolphin Shopping Centre taking the lead on creating safe and comfortable rooms for breastfeeding mums. Although mums are free to feed anywhere in the centre if they choose to, often the public benches and coffee shops can become very busy. Too often, mothers who would like some privacy are left with no choice other than using the toilets or baby changing rooms, which are often not fit for purpose.”

A customer highlighted the need for a dedicated area

The room was initially suggested by customer Lucie Blanch, whose son was born in January. She highlighted the need for a dedicated area. While the centre has lots of seating, it may not be suitable for breastfeeding as they are sometimes in use by other customers.

John Grinnell is the centre manager at the Dolphin Shopping Centre. He said: “We’re always looking for ways to improve the Eco Hub for our customers, so I am especially pleased that we can make shopping at the centre a better experience for mums who are breastfeeding. We want to make the centre as family-friendly as possible, and the new breastfeeding room is just the latest improvement towards this aim.”

Families and Babies will also be in the Eco Hub in October and November

As well as the opening of the breastfeeding room, Families and Babies will be in the Eco Hub throughout October and November. They will lead activities such as fundraising and donations of nearly new baby clothes as well as giving breastfeeding advice to mothers. 

Families and Babies will be at the Eco Hub for parents and families to drop-in from 9am-2:30pm on 1st, 9th and 24th October 2019 and 4th, 12th and 21st November 2019.

Samantha Prewett Photography will also be holding a Poole Expectant and New Parent event at the Eco Hub on 6th October 2019 from 10am-2pm. The event is free and will include various talks, taster classes and demonstrations for some of the best local maternity and baby businesses. For more information about this event visit the Samantha Prewett Photography Facebook page. 

For more information about the Dolphin Shopping Centre visit their website.


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