LOCAL NEWS: Talbot village trust helps Poole community ‘a-spire’


Talbot Village Trust has donated £100,000 to Poole Methodist Church for a project which has seen a new cafe and multi-purpose auditorium at ‘The Spire’, Poole.

The grant will allow them to finish the building process of their community initiative which can now continue to support and benefit people in the community. 

Work began by converting the main church into a two-story building with the community café on the ground floor and a new multi-purpose auditorium on the first floor. This new space will be used for exhibitions, concerts and meetings, as well as church services. In addition, by demolishing the old church halls, another two-storey building was built to accommodate smaller meeting rooms and halls for local charities and not-for-profit organisations to use when required.

Russell Lucas-Rowe, Trustee of Talbot Village Trust, added: “We are so pleased to have helped with the completion of such an interesting and important project within Poole town centre. We are always happy to help further projects that have a positive impact on our community.”

Please visit the Talbot Village trust website here for more information. 



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