LOCAL NEWS: John Lewis raises funds for disability respite home


The John Lewis local charity committee have raised £1,408 for Diverse Abilities Dorset, to help fund the refurbishment of a respite bungalow for young people.

Diverse Abilities Dorset say that there is a shortage of care for people with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 25. To help meet the need Diverse Abilities have developed a respite bungalow for young people transitioning to adult services. The bungalow acts as a stepping stone, allowing young people to experience more independence and transition into independent living. 

Children’s Team Manager for Diverse Abilities, Claire Stacey says how important the bungalow is for young people and their families: “I can’t thank John Lewis enough for supporting the refurbishment of Lawford Lodge; once a disabled young person reaches 18, they are considered an adult by statutory agencies. This can be a very difficult time for families as they may not be ready for their ‘child’ to move away into their own home and they can feel uncomfortable leaving them with new people.

“As there is a lack of local respite options, families may well opt not to access something that isn’t suitable, leaving many families tired and heading towards crisis point. Without the right support many people with complex disabilities experience profound isolation. With our experience, training and knowledge we will be able to continue to support these young adults. Our specialist staff teams are highly trained and experienced in supporting people with complex disabilities. They are determined to do everything they possibly can to improve people’s health and well-being and are focused on achieving positive outcomes.”

To read more about Diverse Abilities Dorset and the services they offer, visit their website here. 



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