LOCAL NEWS: Yellow Bus drivers secure ‘Fleet Elite’ status


More than 30 of Yellow Buses’ drivers have achieved ‘Fleet Elite’ status after their driving was monitored by clever technology.

To improve safety and the company’s emissions profile, the The GreenRoad Safety & Fleet Management platform was introduced in 2016.

The GreenRoad platform uses a simple system to give drivers instant feedback about their driving manoeuvres and provides accurate, real-time tracking, enabling management to stay on top of its schedule and customer commitments.Installed on all Yellow Bus vehicles, it encouraged smoother, safer and more efficient driving.

and its working! with results showing that the company exceeded its fuel efficiency goals and reduced its already-low accident rate by an additional 12% in the last year.

Richard Hemming, GreenRoad’s VP Customer Success, said: “We congratulate Yellow Buses on its impressive safety record and are proud of the part that our platform has played in helping them achieve such a high standard.

“Yellow Buses’ customers and the entire Bournemouth region should take comfort in the fact that their transportation provider continually seeks out ways to provide them with the safest, most comfortable and most environmentally responsible experience possible.”

Thanks to the technology, nearly all Yellow Bus drivers are classified as ‘Green’ and 36 have achieved ‘Fleet Elite Status’ – This means that they averaged five or fewer safety faults per 10 hours over the course of the year.

Phil Pannell, Yellow Buses’ service delivery director, who was part of the team that recently bought out the company from its French owners, said: “These are terrific results. As a company that is serious about customer service and environmental responsibility, we are proud of the results that GreenRoad has helped us achieve.

Phil Pannell, Yellow Buses’ service delivery director

“The real-time coaching has helped our drivers reach a world-class level of safety.”

The technology encourages healthy competition between drivers and naturally means that all drivers are consistently trying to improve their score. 

For more information please visit the Yellow Bus website here. 


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