LOCAL NEWS: Bournemouth Hotel has recycling in the bag!


Bournemouth’s Marsham Court Hotel have increased their recycling by an impressive three tonnes, thanks to the ‘jute bags’ that they now provide in each room. 

Last year the hotel recycled an impressive six tonnes of their waste, but this year have gone above and beyond, pushing that figure to an admirable nine tonnes, or 86.08% of their annual waste. 

After adding recycling bins into their reception area, the family run hotel on Russell Cotes Road, noticed an increasing number of guests bringing recycling from their rooms down to the bins. They then added recycling bins on each floor. After successful implementation of the bins the innovative hotel took it one step further by adding reusable jute bags to every room, the guests put their recycling into the bags, and hang them on the door ready for collection. 

The average hotel guest produces roughly 1Kg of waste per night, with half of that being recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic. 

Marsham Court MD Rosie Radwell said: “As a business we have been working hard to get the amount of waste we send to landfill to a minimum and our guests have shown us that they are also keen to do their bit.”

Some soaps can also be damaging to the environment by disrupting plant and aquatic life, but Marsham Court Hotel are doing their bit to prevent this too!

Their partnership with CLARITY & co means not only are they helping the environment, but raising money for charity at the same time. The Juniper and Seaweed Shampoo and body wash which is provided in each of its 97 guest bedrooms is made by blind and disadvantaged workers. Their naked soap bars have also been introduced with stickers explaining the products origin and how the company is tackling disability under-employment in the UK.

Rose continued by saying: “All our guests are offered the chance to use the CLARITY products in return for a £1 charge on their bill, which is reinvested straight back into the charity. The Marsham Court is incredibly proud to be the first three-star hotel in the country to use these Clarity & Co products and we hope other hospitality providers will now follow suit.”

For more information about CLARITY & co and their products, visit their website here.


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