BUSINESS: Virtual Reality in Business


Virtual Reality is the up-and-coming way of content consumption in gaming and media, but should your business be taking advantage? 

Open to anyone who has an interest in VR, a new local VR Forum branching off Centre VR is aiming to help local businesses share expertise, knowledge and experience. 

The Centre VR business division declare that they provide hire, production, consultancy and installation services for corporate clients and organisations looking to utilise virtual reality in their operations.

On their site they advertise that they can hire a single VR station or many stations for multiple user engagement. Our business services include corporate meeting rooms with full AV facilities and our experienced VR technicians can assist with any set ups and demonstrations.

Virtual Reality is fast becoming a great use in training as organisations and business realise the engagement and immersion level that it provides as well as the low cost of production compared to real word equivalents, without the danger or opportunity for damage to occur. 

VR is already established in most industries in the USA such as with NYPD active shooter drills. 

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