TRAVEL: Bath Road closure over bank holiday weekend


Following routine maintenance works, an emergency closure of Bath Road has been called to carry out an essential inspection of the road’s structural condition.

Bath Road, which is adjacent to the Pavilion, will be unfortunately closed to eastbound traffic, while westbound traffic is maintained, over the bank holiday weekend.

Signposted diversion routes have been put into place to ensure the safety of drivers as well as those completing the maintenance works.

BCP Council have said that during their routine highway inspection their teams detected some issues with the road structure, which called for the road closure and inspection.

Gary Powell, Head of Highways & Transportation at BCP Council, said: “To ensure the safety of the travelling public, an urgent investigation is required to establish the extent of the problem.

“It’s unfortunate this has happened ahead of the bank holiday weekend and we are doing all we can to manage traffic flows.”

Travellers will still have access to Bath Road North and South car parks as well as access to the BIC and those businesses to the west of the Pier flyover.

There is no news as of yet about when the road will be re-opening, but council sources have said more updates will follow once inspections have been completed

For more information on the road closure, click here.




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