WEATHER: Phew! It’s going to be a scorcher!


It could be time to grab the sun cream, put on some shades and head out into the heat once more as a scorching heatwave is predicted for the south of England this Bank Holiday Weekend.

After a dull and gloomy fortnight, we finally could be seeing record-breaking temperatures reaching as high as 31°c in some places.

Just in time for the Bank Holiday, the heatwave will arise from south easterly warm winds from Europe, leaving the UK with a sweltering weekend ahead.

Bank Holiday Monday might also be joining in on the fun with temperatures expecting to reach 30°c, which would exceed the current record of 28.2°c recorded in 2017.

Temperatures are predicted to reach well above average for this time of year, so many heatwave thresholds are expected to be met across the country.

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