WHAT’S ON: Burn the Floor


After the sell-out success of the first ever UK tour of Burn the Floor earlier this year, this five-star production is set to return with a new show in Poole.

Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, is set to see the return of Kevin Clifton on Friday the 3rd of April next year, this time joined by his sister Joanne Clifton.

Tickets are on sale currently including a limited number of VIP Meet & Greet packages.

The famous siblings will tour together for the very first time in 2020 and are set to play on their individual successes in an ‘Anything You Can Do…’ inspired theme.

Over the past two decades Burn the Floor is thought to have revolutionised ballroom style.

Combining jaw-dropping choreography and ground-breaking moves, it is set to bring the infectious and rebellious energy that Kevin and Joanne are famous for to the stage every single night. 

Kevin Clifton said: “Burn The Floor is the show that ignited a spark in me and changed me forever as a performer.

“Through Broadway, West End and touring all over the world this show has ripped apart the rule book, revolutionised our genre and inspired and shaped me as the dancer I am today.

Joanne Clifton adds: “I’m not competitive or anything, but being a world champion, I have a natural nose for the win, especially against my brother Kev. He’s always done everything first – he was born first, started dancing first, got on Strictly first, joined the amazing Burn the Floor first… oh wait, but I won the Strictly glitterball first, didn’t I?

Burn the Floor? More like Scorch the Earth. Come and see the show if you want to see who the REAL Clifton Champion is – anything he can do, I can definitely do better!”

With Kevin and Joanne headlining this electrifying production, along with lights, costumes and eclectic live music, Lighthouse Poole are hoping the audience will be leaping out of their seats to join in – ‘it’s not just a ‘feel-good’ performance, it’s a ‘feel-fantastic’ show!’

For more information and how to get tickets click here.


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