TRAVEL: Castle Lane misery over for weary commuters


Commuters can breathe a sigh of relief now that the urgent works to replace traffic lights at Castle Lane East and Riverside Avenue have been completed ahead of time.

The work that included the removal of the old lights, poles and cabling, as well as the installation of the new equipment, was originally expected to be completed by 23 August but instead, as many readers will be pleased to hear, has finished eight days earlier than expected. 

The works to replace the old traffic signals was set to cost £130,000 which was funded via the Department for Transport Maintenance Funding.

Gratefully, all lanes are now open and the traffic management is no longer needed after manning the site from 7am to 7pm everyday since the work began.

Councillor Andy Hadley, Cabinet Member for Transport, BCP Council, said; “This [was]very complicated work involving nearly 1km of cables, and detailed wiring to ensure the safe operation of the new signals.”

The work began on the 5th of August to replace the traffic signals at the busy road junction in Bournemouth.

The traffic signals at Castle Lane East and Riverside Avenue were over 23 years old and in urgent need of replacement.






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