REVIEW: Amélie at Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre


Amelie tells the story of the imaginative and shy romantic Amelie Poulain who has a gift for helping others. Based on the 2001 film Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulain this is the first time the musical has ventured to the UK, with a vibrant re-conception and new orchestrations.

Having never seen the original movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the moment I sat down I could feel the buzz in the room, and the set looked stunning.

Then the lights come up to the cast entering the stage playing instruments, this was a constant throughout the show; the cast were the band, playing their music live as they acted out the story, and this was very well done, and thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

There was a Parisian folk feel to most of the songs, which filled my chest with utter joy, as the cast sang beautifully together, and the harmonies softly enhanced the experience. But there were a few other genres thrown in which worked brilliantly and brought levels to the show.

Comedic moments broke out through the subtle drama, and had the whole audience laughing out loud. There are some adult themes, which bring some of the humour, but might not be suitable for younger audiences. They have recommended themselves that it is only suitable for people aged over 14.

Audrey Brission, who played Amelie, was the perfect casting I believe. Quirky and adorable, yet strong in her role, and a great voice. She brought the character to the stage with such gusto and personality that you believe that she is Amelie.

Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing star Danny Mac, as Nino, also gave a stand out performance. It was great to witness him perform, and he looked like he was right at home on the stage.

But of course all of this could not be possible without the rest of the cast too, who give us surprise after surprise, and caused every single person in the auditorium to smile from ear to ear.

An amazing show, with a soundtrack I will be listening to for days.

Amelie is on at Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre until Saturday 17 August. For more information and to buy tickets please visit the BH Live website here.


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  1. Truly splendid. I thoroughly enjoyed the show on Monday night.
    The singing and music was so up lifting and the actress who played Amelia was just stunning, beautiful and such an amazing voice.
    At time I was a little confused and not sure I will ever look at a fig again without laughing bur it took you through all emotions of happy, sadness and just lots of laughter.
    We had great seat right at the front.

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