LOCAL NEWS: Giraffe lumbers into local Co-op


A giraffe paid a special visit to local co-operative colleagues to mark three special donations.

No one was harmed in the visit as the giraffe who came to visit the Dorset stores was just a few feet high and not shy when it comes to visiting primary school children to help with Life Education lessons.

‘Harold’ the giraffe – known by local children, parents and schools as ‘Harold and the Life Bus’ – visited The Co-operative Food store in King John Avenue, Bearwood, to celebrate recent donations to the charity.

(L to R) Bearwood Store Manager Trevor Martin and Fundraising Manager at Life Education Wessex Lorraine Hewitt with ‘Harold’ the giraffe 

Matt Hunter, Store Manager at The Co-operative Food in Ringwood Road, Poole, said: “Harold and the Life Bus is really prominent in the area and I rarely see any anti-social behaviour so it must be having an impact.”

Three of the stores from the local area, have donated a total of £1,250.

A £250 donation was made by the Creekmoor store in Northmead Drive, £500 was donated from the Bearwood store in King John Avenue and another £500 donation was made by the Poole store in Ringwood Road.

More than 350 children in Bournemouth and Poole are going to benefit from the generous funds as they are set to receive life education from Life Education Wessex.

Matt commented: “We all appreciate what the charity does for our local children. I have got my first child on the way and our Bearwood store manager also has young kids.”

Life Education Wessex provides vital early intervention education to around 30,000 local children every year helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make their own positive choices about their health – both physically and emotionally which includes the effects of obesity, drugs, smoking, alcohol and other substances.

Lorraine Hewitt, Fundraising Manager at Life Education Wessex, said: “There’s never been a more important time for life education with the pressures and challenges that children face today – an uneducated child is simply a vulnerable child.

“Without any Government funding, we rely on schools and donations from the local community. Schools contribute approximately 50% of the funding and as a charity we have to raise the shortfall. We are delighted with the support from Southern Co-op’s stores which will help support Life Education for over 350 children.”


Cover Image:  (L to R) Bearwood Store Manager Trevor Martin, Fundraising Manager at Life Education Wessex Lorraine Hewitt, and Ringwood Road Store Manager Matt Hunter with ‘Harold’ the giraffe


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