LOCAL NEWS: £20k given to develop ‘People’s Pantry’ food help scheme


Talbot Village Trust has donated £20,000 to Somerford Youth and Community Centre to help develop the People’s Pantry community food store.

The charity have provided the centre with the funds needed to set up the People’s Pantry, a scheme which enables locals to gain access to low-cost foods that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Members of the pantry pay a small sum of £3.50 per week. In return for this, they choose up to 10 items of food to take home.

By taking part in the scheme, members are making their money go further by potentially saving up to around £500 a year on food shopping bills.

Those applying do not need a healthcare card, pension card or any other documents to become part of the programme.

Jae Harris, Manager of Somerford Youth and Community Centre, said: “The support received from Talbot Village Trust has provided us with a lifeline to develop these much-needed services for the community.

“Many families and young people have directly benefited from the funding we have been fortunate to receive from the Trust.” 

In addition to the People’s Pantry, the grant has also helped the centre to develop a community gym. This enables the community to improve their physical well being at a reduced rate.

Russell Lucas-Rowe, Trustee of Talbot Village Trust, added: “The volunteers at the centre go above and beyond to ensure that the young people in Christchurch continue to have a safe and welcoming environment.

“Our grant has supported two fundamental projects at the centre which in return has had immense benefits on the people in the community who rely on these services and has secured them for the future.”

For more information on the Talbot Village Trust, visit www.talbotvillagetrust.org  

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